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The Ignition Group is one of Africa's largest providers of technology, media, telecommunication and financial services, and is built around a powerful purpose - to make life better through innovative technology.

We approach markets that are traditionally complex and contested, and then simplify them, making life easier for consumers, and business more efficient for our partners.

Getting To Know Us

Ignition, a central business vertical to the Ignition Group, was founded in 2002, by brothers Sean and Donovan Bergsma. Ignition Group, now one of Africa’s largest investors in technology, media, telecommunications and financial services sectors, provides a platform for sustainability and success.

With a staff complement of nearly 3 000 people, we have a team of experts in the fields of IT, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Sales, Development, Compliance, Customer Care, Training and Support. Ignition Group has built a sound infrastructure to support a number of business verticals within the Group, allowing the business verticals to swiftly develop, innovate, adapt and support our Business Partners and strategies.

"We are a business
that is dynamic,
adaptable and
obsessed with
finding the best
possible solutions
and results."

Ignition Group offices in Umhlanga, Durban
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Customer Lifetime

Value Stimulation



  • - Search Engine Optimization
  • - Search Engine Marketing
  • - Lead Generation
  • - Data Profiling
  • - Sales Conversion


  • - Data Enrichment
  • - Advanced Marketing Analytics and Insights
  • - End-to-end Data Management
  • - Customised Lead Selection & Automated
  • - Lead Distribution Processes to Minimise Costs


  • - End-to-end Sales Processing
  • - In-house Customisable CRM System
  • - Affinity Sales
  • - 24/7 International Operation
  • - Long & Short Term Insurance
  • - License - FSB Approved


  • - Integrated activation on Customer CRM platforms
  • - Procurement, warehousing and fulfilment of Sales
  • - Fully integrated distribution with RAM and Dawn Wing Couriers
  • - Delivery, returns and OBF management
  • - Full scale reporting capability across the sales ecosystem


  • - Collect using BEFT & NAEDO
  • - Billing Optimisation Through Credit Bureau Relationship
  • - Dedicated Collections Team
  • - Real time Qlikview Reporting
  • - Paygate, Credit Card & EFT Payment Capability
  • - PASA Compliant


  • - Zendesk CRM System
  • - Inbound and Outbound
  • - 24/7 Multi-skilled Workforce
  • - World Class Training Capability
  • - Seamless Integration with your
  • - CRM System

We are a great company to work for #IgnitionProud

Where We Are

Headquartered in Durban, South Africa, we service the globe. Durban is located in one of the fastest growing commercial markets and has one of the largest skilled workforce pools in South Africa. A robust economy, political and socio-economic stability and a strong public sector infrastructure, make us a strong service hotspot.

We are the ideal market for global business partnering due to our aligned cultural affinity and operating philosophy with local and Western markets including the United States, United Kingdom and Australasia. Increasing costs, efficiency pressures, limited management resources and customer experience shortfalls in other geographies, make dealing with us the ideal solution.

United In Diversity

The Ignition Group is a 360 degree company offering everything from product development and ownership, to lead generation, sales and a complete aftersales service. We develop departments to cater for the various steps in the process flow and leave little to outsourcing.


We are constantly evolving and developing. We are never stagnant; the only constant is change and our ability to seamlessly adapt to it.

Ignition Group offices in Umhlanga, Durban